In business since 1970, H.E. Fiberglass S.A. has become one of the main suppliers in Chile of industrial equipment made from FRP and other composite materiales and for the last 20 years has also positioned itself as a supplier for foreign projects.


Backed by over 50 years’ experience, our company is one of the leading suppliers of elements manufactured with FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) in the domestic market. With a special focus on combating industrial corrosion, our well-experienced team has collaborated on major projects such as tanks for mining and pulp mills in both Chile and other countries.



Our work combines state-of-the-art technology at our factory or on-site at customer facilities, rigorous inspection mechanisms, foreign consultants and a passion for exceptional quality. These elements have earned us a position of prominence in the market. We are proud and committed to upholding and enhancing this reputation.

Today we have the capacity to manufacture and install a full range of FRP equipment.